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Scott Catalogue #'s 362 - C259A

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50th Anniversary of the Founding of the Colon Fire Department -

Scott Catalogue #: 362
Year: 1948
Denomination: 50˘
Description: Maximino Walker
Format: Single Stamp
Grade: MNH
Price: SOLD

1964 Winter Olympics, Innsbruck, Medals & Winners -

Scott Catalogue #: 456
Year: 1964
Denomination: ˝˘
Description: Women's Slalom
Format: Single Stamp
Grade: MNH
Price: SOLD

15th Anniversary of the UN & World Refugee Year -

Scott Catalogue #: C244
Year: 1961
Denomination: 80˘
Description: UN Emblem
Format: Souvenir Sheet
Grade: MNH
Price: SOLD

Scott Catalogue #: C259A
Year: 1962
Denomination: 10c
Description: Saints Church
Format: Single Stamp
Grade: Used
Price: SOLD